Joan Koerber-Walker

Joan Koerber-Walker

Now more than ever, America needs the creativity, innovation, and leadership that small businesses provide.

In 2002, I left corporate America to launch my own small business, CorePurpose, Inc. with a mission to assist companies of all sizes in focusing their collective talents on the actions that have the greatest impact for their success and in focusing on strong business fundamentals as a foundation for growth.

From December 2006 to December 2008, an opportunity to work with a talented team of staff and volunteers at the Arizona Small Business Association was just too good to say no to.  Together we tackled big challenges like health-care, workforce development, and raising the awareness of the importance of growing local businesses as an economic development strategy.  As CEO of the organization, I had the opportunity to work with thousands of businesses across the state, see how they were making a difference every day,  and  to experience first hand the power of small business as a driver in our economy.

2010 begins The Decade of Our Success, I am excited to use this blog as the beginning of a conversation on what we can all do together to  focus on our strengths, overcome challenges, and get our economy back on track.

I’m seeing great things happening under the radar as I make connections with companies in the Southwest and around the world.  Don’t let all the bad things in the media spook you – there are some really cool things happening all around us!

I hope you will stay tuned and join in the conversation.


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  1. Aurea says:

    This all sounds very interesting. I have a TV show that features non-profits and charities, as I am a domestic violence and cancer sur-Thriver myself, and our local and state PBS channels like my show but need me to find the underwriters. How is that possible in today’s economy especially when I have no media sales background. please feel free to check out my web site and youtube clips to help answer my question.

  2. Jim Zaccaria says:

    Aurea…You might want to check out http://www.CEOSpace.net where I’m certain you will ultimately be able to ‘connect’ with those who have the funds you desire, require and deserve to press your project forward… Many others Have.
    I too see that many great things are happening and will continue to happen as we go through a Shift in the Marketplace…as Greed takes a Back Seat as we move into an era of Co-operative Business and Mutually Beneficial Alliances…It’s about Time.

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  4. offscott says:

    Hi I would like to know if you would like to do webinars. We have a new app coming out on Thursday this week. I think what you are doing would be a very good fit for this type of add on to your site. If you wish to join our free webinar it will be on at 1pm the site address is http://www.eboardroom.ca
    hope to see you on the list

    Scott Watson

  5. Kimberlei says:

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